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Christian Feichtinger

Head of Software Development

Christian Feichtinger keeps his mind busy thinking about the infinite possibilities of space. After several years as CNC technician, Christian’s interest in electronics and embedded software became too strong to practice it just as a hobby. He went back to school to get a more in-depth knowledge of the exciting field of electronics. From here, Christian began working as an embedded software developer and commissioning engineer, for conveyance systems for big distribution centres. His job took him all around the world, working in different cities and with different cultures, but eventually he was drawn back to university where he focused even more on electronics and FPGA development.


It was this decision that brought him into contact with Karsten Becker and news of the challenging work that PTScientists were doing. When they offered him a job in Berlin to help develop the Moon lander for Mission to the Moon, what else could he say but: “hell yeah!”?


Christian is now in charge of software development for both the space and ground segments of Mission to the Moon, as well as coordinating the mission analysis team and overseeing the development of guidance, navigation and control software.

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