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Sandra Plate

Internal Business Development and Agency Coordinator

Sandra Plate holds a graduate degree in Engineering for System Technology and Technical Cybernetics from the “Otto-von-Guericke” University Magdeburg, where her technical focus was on process simulation and procedure technology. She also looked at the opportunities and limitations of undertaking research under space conditions.


She has first-hand experience of working on biological microgravity research projects, having spent time working with the German Space Agency (DLR) in Switzerland, where she worked on an experiment that investigated the mechanism behind gravitational influences on cells. Sandra also developed a concept for a temperature regulator for the aircraft-based reduced-gravity experimental system (ARES) during her time with DLR.


Sandra joined the PTScientists team in 2017 to work on internal business development and agency co-ordination. She is also our head technical writer and oversees creation of all our technical documentation and mission proposals.

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