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Thomas Kunze

Lead Software Developer

Thomas Kunze began his programming career at an early age – teaching himself to code at age 11, and writing Delphi code when he was 12. He followed this passion at university where he studied applied computer science, before opting for a career in the gaming industry. Thomas worked on the server and client elements of online games such as Game of Thrones and Drakensang Online.


Thomas has been a part of the PTScientists team since it was founded in 2008 and has watched the team – and its ambitions – grow. His role in the team began as Head of Software Development, but he contributed to product development and created the IT department for the company’s first headquarters in Berlin.


He has developed a range of skills in electronic design, engineering, and production of finished products, but has now moved back to where his initial passion lies, in software development. Thomas has practical experience in agile project management techniques such as Kanban and Scrum, which helps keep the team focused on priorities and constant progress.


One of Thomas’s hobbies is painting miniatures, a skill that came in very useful when it came to coating parts of our first rover prototypes!

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