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Save the date: Space Café in Berlin


Dear Space Community,


We want to welcome you to the first edition of our new event series, the Berlin Space Cafe. Each event will thematize various space-related projects, policies, technologies and more while providing the opportunity to network with likeminded people. You can join the global Space Café team and create a further platform to have exciting conversations within the growing New Space community.


For each event we will invite different guest speakers from space-related fields to do short presentations, which will be followed by Q&A’s and some drinks to meet new people.


Our first event will be held on May 7th. The topic “Moon 2019 – Hype or Reality?” will be moderated by our very own Torsten Kriening in his role as Publisher of SpaceWatch.Global. On the exciting panel Prof. Dr Ralf Jaumann (DLR), Mari Eldholm (PTScientists GmbH) and Andreas Hörkens (ArianeGroup) will discuss the topic.


You can get the tickets for our first event on Eventbrite for free here:


Reminder: There are no immediate parking spaces at the VW Digi:Lab. We recommend to use public transportation.

#Blog 17.04.2019

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